The three new plants will also be equipped with the latest Japanese

But in terms of exports, the Japanese beauty industry is still developing rapidly. For example, the world’s first «spray fiber mask» launched by the Kao Group of Japan just last week took 10 years to finally reach the market. While relying heavily on labor, the three new plants will also be equipped with the latest Japanese production technology. (About 35.3 billion yuan) in the new plant. The two new plants will be located in Osaka and Fukuoka, respectively.»

According to Tomio Tsukui, the mayor of Otawara, the original site of the Otawara factory was a wasteland that was used for earthquake drills. The construction of the new factory created 1,000 new jobs in the area. Shiseido invested about 35 billion yen (about 2. Masahiko Uotani, CEO of Shiseido Group, said: «From a strategic perspective, we are telling consumers that our brand comes from Japan and is also developed by Japan. The mayor also believes that the depreciation of the yen has brought more profits to Japanese companies whose production has returned to their homeland. The Osaka plant is expected to open in the second half of next year, and the Fukuoka plant is expected to be operational by the first half of 2022. In 2017, Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Kose sold its Chinese factory while expanding Japan’s domestic exports.

This plant is also the first local factory added by Shiseido Group after 36 years. In the future, it will be mainly used to produce mid-to-high-end skin care products for the domestic and overseas markets, such as the supply of local and overseas products under the Elixir brand. Although labor costs in Japan are high, Shiseido is not the only Japanese company to return cream jar suppliers to local production in recent years.

Fish Valley Masahiko revealed that whenever possible, the group will introduce digital production technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Shiseido production manager Norio Tadakawa said that the reason why the site was selected in Otahara is because the area is surrounded by high-quality water resources (which is also the basic ingredient for the production of cosmetics). This has gradually become an important competitiveness for us..

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